Minister’s Message

Unity of Sarasota offers a Way of Living in a rapidly changing world.

At Unity of Sarasota we know we have a connection to the Divine Source that links us to our Inspired and Empowered Self.  We offer a supportive environment to learn and apply spiritual practices that make a difference in our daily lives. As Rev. Johnnie Coleman of Chicago is often quoted, “The principles work when you work them.” 

As you contemplate your spiritual growth, we invite you to consider what the Unity Movement has to offer.

Our Unity movement teaches that beyond all theology, credos and dogma, there is One Presence and One Power in each of us that continually conspires with us to be enlightened, empowered and enriched on every level.  This same Presence and Spirit connects us in a co-creative way with each other and our world, in ways that uplift and bless.

We teach in Unity that all paths lead to God. God is the Creative Presence and Power known by many names.  We, as human beings have diverse understandings of our Sacred Source and the pathways that connect with God.  Our relationship with our Creative Source undergoes an evolutionary process throughout our life’s journey.   Unity’s mission is to provide practical ways and teachings that assist us along our sacred path.  So, whatever path you took that brought you to this Unity Church, we welcome you and we commit beholding the divine in you through all the changes of your life.  We seek ways of connecting with you from a place of unconditional acceptance of who you and where you are.  We honor your understanding of God.   Here at Unity of Sarasota you are invited to seek and experience a greater understanding to your relationship with God as a beloved son or daughter of God on a spiritual path.

The Unity Movement makes a bold statement that Unity of Sarasota wholeheartedly endorses:  “We at Unity are dedicated to creating a world that works for all.” 

The Unity Way of Life is a lifelong practice in day to day living that has been termed “Practical Spirituality 24/7”.   We understand that when we express from our highest truth and deepest desire, then we will have a spiritually empowered life that results in an enriched experience.  When you and I have a greater understanding of who we are, why we are here, then we can live from this understanding in wisdom and peace.  We know that it is possible for all of humanity to more fully express the innate spiritual power in loving and joyful ways.  You and I are here to awaken to our Authentic Self known by many names: God within, Spiritual Self, Christ Nature, etc.

We see ourselves as a trans-denominational movement that is centered in the Christ Based teachings. A central tenet is that the spiritual evolution we go through is uniquely ours.  When the mind is open, the heart engaged, and inspired action is taken, then we truly begin to experience a world that works for all first hand.   It starts with a simple and intentional choice to “BE THE WAY OF GOD.”


Rev. Elizabeth Thompson
Minister of Unity of Sarasota
Serving by Empowering People
and Enriching Lives