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This event finished on 23 March 2017

Starting February 26, 2017 Unity of Sarasota presents Flagship Living.  This Leadership series includes Sunday Message, Tuesday Lecture and a Thursday “all hands on deck” Seminar, with the Talk and Seminar Series​:

​”​I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.”​

– Invictus​, ​William Ernest Henley
Invictus, meaning “unconquerable” or “undefeated” in Latin, represents our ability to arise and meet every obstacle as an opportunity.​ The Flagship of any fleet has living quarters for the Admiral. When we own our experience with eyes, minds, and heart wide open, we stand on the deck of our life as the Admiral who is the Commanding Officer of the fleet. Flagship Living is designed to awakening and aligning with our inner power with joy and inspiration. This is the year we chart our own course for soul-satisfaction and empowerment while fully owning and commanding our responses to life. What is the reward? Entering into a consciousness of thriving, alive and undaunted by anything or anyone.

Join Rev. Elizabeth Thompson, Elizabeth and Matt Wilson in this collaborative team presentation designed to tap into all aspects of learning, growing, and enjoying life.

February 26: Flagship Series:  Who Am I?
March 5: How to Turn Water into Wine
March 12: My Spiritual Compass
March 19: What’s in the Way is the Way
March 26: Path to Mastery

Lectures are 5 Tuesdays at 7PM  February 28th With Elizabeth Wilson

Seminars are for 5  Thursday evenings at 7PM with Matt and Elizabeth Wilson and Rev. Elizabeth

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1.       Five in-depth workshops where you will work with experts in personality, leadership and personal transformation to explore your deepest questions about who you really are, how the Universe around you really works, and how to move forward in the most authentic way for you.

2.       An exclusive premium workbook that explores each of the five themes in detail, with practical exercises to help you solidify your new way of living.


3. Five free public lectures that present rigorous research to support the principles, philosophies and exercises discussed, so that your learning is solidly backed by the newest understanding of consciousness, psychology, and neuroscience.

4. Five inspired, spiritual talks delivered by an enlightened master that will immerse you in the radiance of unconditional love and belonging.


5. Personal email access to the facilitators for the duration of the course so you don’t have to do anything on your own.


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