Be an Admiral and Take the Helm

You have heard “Life is what happens on the way to making your dreams come true.”   But the moment we decide that facts and shifts in life do not define the course we take—that it is when we take command and enter Flagship Living.  We are the Admiral and we rule our seas of life.

The so-called facts of life can always be blamed for hindering the accomplishment of our dreams.  Many circumstances are out of our control but that is never a reason to abandon a vision. I have learned that what seem to be circumstances out of my control are disguised opportunities to take the helm of my life and chart my own course.   Learning to course correct in the midst of chaos is what Flagship Living is all about. Each year, each day, and even each moment we can chart a new course.  Daily, we decide that we are the commanding officer of the vessel that is our life—and we are awake at the helm of our decisions.

I am the Master of my fate and the Captain of my soul

  • Invictus, William Ernest Henley

The core of Henley’s legacy centers on this closing statement of his famous poem.  It expresses his core values in one simple sentence.  It also represents a conscious intention to chart one’s own direction even as hardship, fear, confusion or exhaustion rage in our environment.  In claiming our ability to direct the course of our life, we must examine our values, others’ opinions and prevailing circumstances while being willing to challenge belief systems that interfere with our personal fulfillment and professional success.

The story behind Henley’s poem Invictus speaks volumes about what it means to rise above circumstances and command your destiny.  In 1875 Henley lost one leg as a result of a complication from tuberculosis.  Shortly after the first amputation the physician informed him that his other leg was also in jeopardy of being amputated.  At this point where he felt his soul rise up and declared that there must be another way.  This diagnosis does not define me.  He demanded a second opinion.  After several procedures and much therapy, the second surgeon, Joseph Lister was able to save his remaining leg.  It was during this recovery that Henley wrote the verses that became that became Invictus.

As a young child, these verses touched my soul and remain a guiding mantra.  Having lived on a sailboat for two years I know that conditions change in a heartbeat.  Life can go from calm to stormy with no warning. At times, I needed to change course just to make it safely to harbor—but I never changed my vision for my destination.

This is the basis for FLAGSHIP LIVING.  You and I are always on the bridge of the ship and at the helm of our lives.  We are meant to take command over our habit mind and over the turbulent waters of life experience.  With the simple affirmation: I am the master of my fate and the captain of my soul, we can instantly course correct.  The facts of life are simply indicators of yesterday’s choices.  Facts are not the commanding officers of our life. In Flagship Living we learn to chart the best course of action that serves us.  We make the decisions that get us back on course so that we reach our desired destination.  In order to do this, we must look objectively at the prevailing circumstances regardless of how inconvenient they may be.  This naturally invites ownership—and with ownership comes power and with power comes the ability to navigate life even in the most challenging situations.

It was Louisa May Alcott who said: “I am not afraid of storms for I have learned how to sail my ship.” We make our highest choice in each and every moment.

Simply ask: What is the highest choice I can make in this moment? Those who are at the helm of their life experience understand that flexibility is absolutely necessary for maneuvering uncharted territory.  A commander of a ship knows that being in unchartered water is no reason to turn back.  She also understands that changing direction may be required in order to get to our desired destination.

Flagship Living is a dynamic, explorative course in personal potential. Over the course of five weeks you will attend inspired spiritual talks, powerful lectures and hands-on, practical workshops so you can take the helm of your life and reclaim the power and joy that is yours by birthright. You will hold in your hands an exclusive workbook to support your journey. Step into complete confidence and take charge of the unfolding of your experience. For five weeks you will have access to some of the most enlightened, peaceful and successful practicing metaphysicians who will share their stories and work directly with you to transform yours.

Flagship Living is about taking positive action to commandeer your life in the direction of your highest and best ideal.

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Bio Information: Rev. Elizabeth Thompson

Has served as Senior Minister of Unity of Sarasota for the past 8 years.  She is a transforming change-agent for those who are ready to take the helm of their own vessel of life experience.  Life is a spiritual adventure designed for each of us to thrive, celebrate and evolve as we experience it.   Her vision of humanity is of all individuals awakening to the empowering joy of being co-creators of their lives.  She believes that thriving is always an option.  As we embrace this higher calling, we are participating in a world that works for all.