You did not Choose me, but I choose YOU. – Jn 15:16

Life is more than just a set of circumstances.  It is an intricately orchestrated call and response between the Creator to the Created.   We are continually choosing to open up  to the Divine Consciousness within and receive Divine Guidance on this path.  We are always able to choose how we call upon this Living Presence as we elect our experience.  This is what the mystics term “communion” as the joining of Mind and Heart.  Daily we elect our experience through our choices.  Let us elect to be in sacred alignment of mind, soul and body.

Unity teaches that we have to choose how we will live as our Christ Nature.  This Earthly path is centered around what and how we elect to live.  You and I have always had the choice of our response to our experience.  As we grow in our understanding of God’s Presence in and as us,  we elect how we progress forward and the degree that Light of God shines through us. While we may not understand the significance of who crosses our path or where we find ourselves in any given moment or even why we reacted to a situation,  make no  mistake about it, there are no accidents that we are where we are.

Spiritual Freedom is about knowing that behind everything God’s Goodness abounds.  Today, as our elections draw to a close, let us deliberately choose and demonstrate ONENESS.  Beyond opinions, judgements, and elections, God is present and active as Love and Wisdom through you (as you elect).  You have the means to make a difference.  You have the power to bless.  You have the Presence of God in you to uplift.  No one represents you better than you can.

After the election is over, let us continue to consciously choose how we move forward on our journey as One.  Let it be in full awareness of our sacred ability.  We have the power to be fully present and alive to this moment’s blessing.  Today we rise up as a living expression of Christ that blesses our Planet.

How you think matters.  How you feel matters.  How you choose matters.  

You elect to be the difference that makes the difference.