Joy is the  healing agent that disarms our tendency to take ourselves so seriously.  Neil and I are back in the saddle at Unity of Sarasota and home.  We carried each of you with us as we took a spiritual pilgrimage to Casa Dom Ignacio de Loyola in Brazil.  This picture was taken in the Blessed Soup line after being in the prayer session at the Casa.  The laughter was so freeing and healing after being in prayer and in the current for several hours.

The Joy of God was quite evident on many faces we encountered daily.  There were also many tears of sorrow and gratitude as the hearts opened up to the grace, peace and gentle touch of Holy Spirit.  Throughout our stay we could feel the current of Love and Waves of Divine Grace moving through all of us. All who went from our Unity of Sarasota group were ministered to in individual in ways that were so perfect for each of us.

And what I realized is that I don’t need to go 3,748 miles away from home in order to have the same experiences. The same Joy, Power, and Presence is here and now available to me. This major insight was that you and I, indeed all of us, carry this same Innate Joy of God with us every moment of our lives.  When, where, and how we access it is an individual decision requiring surrender to our Indwelling Divine Source.  Joy is our birthright and Joy is our destiny every time we open our hearts and minds to receiving and giving our highest and best to every moment.

What an honor to come home to my sacred heart and share a new level of Sacred Joy with each of you.

– Rev. Elizabeth Thompson

The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.
– Christopher McCandless